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Topic: Djinn and Tonic or Lessons Learnt (as reported by Rekis) (Read 972 times)
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« on: February 10, 2017, 07:05:32 pm »

The day began kindly enough with Rekis being awoken to the sound of bees and squirrels. No doubt the recent pollen and berry drops that Rekis had been providing had given these creatures a feast. Sadly that day was soon overshadowed as the drums sounded and once again the 'specialists were called to assemble'. Today's mission was to travel and offer assistance to the townsfolk of Windy Ridge, a fortified village to the East beyond ten towns. This would take some time but it was felt that we clearly had not done enough of recent days and therefore left forthwith.

The party I travelled with was Anvil the dwarf (male we are told), Innasuki the half orc, Baron, another half orc with a penchant for bows, Mel (male we are told) the elven wizard, so told, and Paul a 2 weapon fighter. It was a fair mix of races and abilities although the capability for healing was not what we might have hoped for.

So the route to Windy Ridge can be seen elsewhere, albeit enough to say that we visited Clamhome, Tenstones, Fulk's Pall and Billingfayle. In Tenstones we visited the ambassador of Fulk's Pall (Melvir Toule) who was fairly inquisitive and perhaps strict, and also the represntive from Billingfayle, Daisy Fallow who was more relaxed and friendly. Perhaps the latter village might request a road from Tenstones direct rather than through Falk's Pall...

But I digress. Our first encounter of note was with a couple of Wyverns whilst sailig around the lake - up towards Innak's Hold. The crew sensibly moved into the hold. Sadly our party were not very range capable, other than my standard fireball practice and Baron's archery. I had started with the first one but Baron targeted the second with his archery - needless to add that after the attack I discussed tactics of concentrating defences on a single beast, but I suspect it may not have taken hold. Mel had no ranged combat spels so stuck in the open with a bow . Needless to say standing in the open as the wyverns attacked with fly by was not the best thing to d0 - and Mel learnt this lesson very quickly as (s)he was snatched up in the jaws of the wyvern that I had toasted but had not been killed.  The battle continued as archery and more fireballs caused the second wyvern to fly away, hurt but not deceased. By this time Anvil was swimming in the water trying to reach Mel, unconscious who was now on the beach and about to be eaten - another fireballs toasted that one and we had Wyvern steaks for tea. Anvil expressed curiosity and checked on Mel (now determined to be a male elf by all accounts) so Anvil learnt something there.  Despite pleas from others I went after the last wyvern that had retreated to its lair and a magic missile ended his (or her life). Lucky I did so, as then we snatched the creature's loot and distributed it through the party, well most of the party anyway!

Onward to travel we went to Windy Ridge - a frontier town but beset by problems without the trade routes being protected. At the request of Velmon the Protector we were requested to help resolve the issue that Abadash the Djinn was blaming on Windy Ridge. We moved onto Abadash the Djinn at Shillal Fell, where we were unable to gain access to the Djinn but were oddly treated in his administrator's office. It appeared the best way to gain access was through the games, which we duly entered and gamely lost. Taking pity the Djinn invited us around for tea and in moments of clarity and confusion listened to our story and gave us free rein to investigate the missing darling - a white liger. I can provide more details of the oasis and of Windy Ridge and will submit those separately to the town council. Needless to say we started investigating in the animal enclosures but were beset by two lions. As they were part of the djinn's collection we could not kill them and therefore subdued them - I think Mel cast a spell - I'm not exactly sure but perhaps it was as one of the lions fell asleep at our feet.

Having dealt with the lions we found the ligers enclosure and noted that the lock was faulty and found paw prints on the wall outside the bars. It was clear the liger had escaped but also that she may be pregnant at this time. We also found a traitor to Abadash and exposed that plot. We travelled outside the oasis 4 miles to a small cave of Suli Khadim who took some persuasion that we should find the liger and see if she wanted to return as without the Djinn's protection she was unlikely to survive in the wild. We travelled further as the druid had instructed and entered a cave to the sound of yelps and growls - three huge swarms of locusts were trying to eat the Liger and its cubs. Needless to say the fireball was used once again to burn most of the locusts, but again Mel the wizard forgot the lesson on move and shoot and ran to the swarm to cast a burning hands next, but the swarm just enveloped and sickened her so that was the end of that. (move and then fire, not move and then wait...). The swarm finally dealt with and the liger and cubs communicated with then we all returned to the Djinn, who was so pleased he gave us each a shiny bauble.

We returned home

The end

PS there was some stuff about the eastern kingdoms, some Halfling's who was treated as slaves in the Eastern kingdoms but were doing well here, and a dwarf from the nine holds that Anvil was interested in. We have a recommendation on trip advisor your local notice board for the Desert Garden Inn at Shillal Fell, and a less than good recommendation for Douse in the Desert (in the same location). Apparently there is a portal to the /Eastern kingdoms in the Djinn's caslte... Windy Ridge was a solid little town where I was able to pick up a wand of curing (just in case), but trades in Gems and Timber products.

PPS - so what lesson did I learn? - It's nice to wake with birds and bees but it's nice to go to sleep with a nice new shiny rock

PPPS - not a thing was able to laugh in this trip - so sad - maybe next time?
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