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Topic: Blood and Iron (as reported by Tasha Swift) (Read 929 times)
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« on: February 02, 2017, 09:53:45 pm »

A party of 6 out looking around the City of Lihr are now a week over due. A summons went out for a group of specialist to go and take a look and to see if they could find the missing group.

For whatever reason specialists seemed to be short on the ground that day and a party of 4 comprising of Danas (Arcane Caster), Fitz (Paladin), Orin (Ranger) & Tasha (Ranger) were dispatched to find our missing. Knowing the general area of where the group had been sent to explore we headed out.

The first day passed without incident and we camped for the evening. Danas used the Rope trick spell to give us a safe place to camp and I removed all signs of our tracks around the immediate area. The night passed without any interruptions and it was only while we were having breakfast that we were interrupted by my tiger giving of a low throaty growl as is stared looking down onto the path from inside the rope trick. Passing underneath was a Chickenasoris (Velociraptor with feathers). Now where there is one of these there are normally a dozen more they hunt in packs and can be quite deadly even to an experienced party. The Chickenasoris sniffed around as if looking for something but soon gave up as it could not find what it was looking for; e finished breakfast and 30 mins later we were back on the road.

Second day out and as it just hit high noon we spotted what appeared to be a small lodge about 60 feet down the trail. After observing the area for a short time we observed that there seemed to be a large plant growing out of the lodge and that there were clouds of spores or pollen on the trail and in the surrounding area as well as around the lodge. This set of Tasha's pidey sense; Zombie Plant. Spending a bit more time observing the area we spotted 6 bodies on the ground all with in the spores and pollen. No sooner than spotting these they seemed to animate and began to rise; they zeroed in on our party and advanced to attack us. A fierce one side battle ensued and the 6 plant zombie were dispatched. The main plant growing out of the lodge was then quickly laid to rest with ranged weapons. Once all the pollen and spores had dispersed we checked the area and found that 4 of the zombies were from our missing party of 6 and that the other 2 bodies most likely were the inhabitancy of the Lodge. We buried the two natives and secured the bodies of the 4 Lihrians to take back with us. During our medics checking of the bodies it was noticed that there were single puncture marks near the back of the neck; this would become all too clear later on as to what cased these wounds. We continued on and later in the afternoon we came across a ziggurat; the parties Spidey sense did not let us down something was out there. Suddenly one of our party took a flaming bolt to the chest, it was a hefty hit some one of a lesser stature would have dropped from that blow but luck was on our side and he was made of sterner stuff. We had an invisible protagonist. What followed was to be a long drawn out fight, we even managed to call a truce at one point to try and find a peaceful outcome but it was not to be; he had in his position the bodies of our other 2 lost comrade's  and he would not give them up. So battle was recommenced who would have thought a single person could put up such a fight it took all the skills of our party to take this foul creature down. We examined the area and found an opening under the alter on top of the ziggurat but due to the difficulty and the lack of the correct spells we wait till the next day before exploring any more. As we were licking our wounds and securing the final 2 bodies of the missing party a group of natives appeared. They were searching for the creature we had just dispatched it seemed that they had a run-in with him and he had some stolen items and they wanted them back. We camped for the night with our new friends and over the evening meal we offered to help them get their property back. We also had a long discussion on the types and quality of weapons that we both carried.

Third day out. We all had breakfast and soon after our group tackled the Ziggurat again this time we were more successful and we retrieved a number of items from a room below the alter; these turned out to be the items the natives had lost; they thanked us for retrieving them. Then proceeded to tell us about the trouble they were having at the Forge. With hind sight we should have paid more attention to what they had said was the trouble. We set of for the forge with the natives and soon arrived at the entrance to a cave below an active volcano. Being the bold adventurers that we were we entered and began to make our way through passages and multiple doors to the forge. Each door way needed a different skill to pass it by without triggering some form of attack or affect. By the time we made it to the forge we were all a bit worse for the ware and standing in a large chamber with open lava streams were One Dragon, One large Fire Giant and Four other Fire Giants we took one look at these and taking into mind that state of the Party we did what has always been advised RUN. Danas Cast a spell and the party beat a hasty retreat. We rejoined with the natives and informed them that we were not up to the task at hand but we would need a party equipped to deal with the threat that was in the forge. We said our good byes and arranged for a party of diplomats and a trade party to be sent at a later date.

We returned to Lihr without further trouble the bodies of the missing party were given over to their loved ones for burial. A full report was made to both the militia and the Council on what we had found and fought as well as a request that we open diplomatic relations and trade.
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