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Topic: Shillal Fell (as reported by Innasoonkey) (Read 1103 times)
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« on: February 01, 2017, 06:29:35 pm »

Inaak Inquisition arrived to ask for aid, please see report from the other team of Specialists.

The Inquisition had been asked to investigate some weirdness at Windy Ridge but they could not divert from their task. So, as an olive branch, we were sent to investigate in the stead of the Inquisition. Not sure if that makes us the Silverlode Inquisition?

Anyway, We sailed to Clamholme, place is still as... Provincial as I remember. Do as little as possible for as much reward as possible. No rush, no urgency, etc. Anvil should not have eaten so many clams.

We made our way to Tenstones and Baron and I had to travel all the way to Fulk's Pall before they didn't ask us if we were Runtz?


Anvil and I explained that we are Half-orcs. Asking a Half-orc if it is a Runt is offensive, asking a Runt if it is a half-orc is not. Although thinking about it I've never seen a Runt take offense.

Anyway, we realised we represented Half-orcs everywhere, so I resolved to be diplomatic and proper, perhaps this land would not always greet our kind with derision and distrust.

The Temple of Amethia had a statue in it, that looked like the Artist had had Adara Blackwood model for him. Unless Amethia looks like Adara? Or Adara looks like Amethia? When we get back in a few weeks I'll have to ask her.

We left Fulk's Pall and gave Bellar's Bolt a wide berth, as they were Quarantined due to an outbreak of Feather Fever.

We eventually arrived at Windy Ridge, where they had an odd setup where the docks and the town were linked by a rope, to which was attached a giant button (or put in a cage) that you stand on and get winched across.

We spoke to the Protector of Windy Ridge who gave us the letter he received from Abadesh. It seems Abadesh's 'beloved' has been kidnapped.

The Protector was concerned as Abadesh protects the trade and supply routes that keep Windy Ridge in coin and supplies. Without Abadesh's guards, the survival of his town is at risk.

We arrived in Shillal Fell and found the place an interesting town. It seems there are Halflings here, such as Felwich Greyfoot, who originated from the Far-off (thousands of miles to the East?) Emerald Kingdoms. It seems Halflings from there are not treated the same harsh way, that others we have found from here have been treated.

We also heard about a local dwarf who hails from the 9 Clan Holds.

It seems this world also has it's  Dwarves and Halflings but no Orcs that we have found yet.

We found out that the only way to get a face-to-face with the Djinni Master of Shillal Fell is to compete in the weekly games and make an impression.

Anvil and Baron entered the games, comporting themselves with dignity and strength as the Expert Champions of the Chariot Race, Camel Race and Dwarven Wrestling kicked our Specialist's asses.

Shame I couldn't find a bookie as I'd have made a lot of coin betting against them. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

So after the games we got an invite to see the Djinni Abadesh, who struck me as being very absent-minded, almost like a half-orc in his thirties...

He gave us permission to investigate and we began.

We quickly established the White Liger Altaisia had escaped and we believe she may be pregnant.

We checked the area, questioned townsfolk and bought a goat.

Stay with me.

We knew she would be hungry and she primarily eats goat.

So we questioned the Suli and got directions to the cave.

Approaching the cave we heard a roar of distress and we leapt to the rescue!

Bugs... Swarms of bugs.

Rekis fireballed the bugs while I was stood in the swarm (now I know where I've seen him before!) but I dodged the fire.

We roasted the bugs and pulled the kittens free from Danger, then she clawed through me to get at the Kits I was trying to rescue.


Turns out there is a portal to the edge of the Emerald Kingdom in the basement of the Castle. The Master is very pleased with our efforts and wants to open Trade with Silverlode.

Jobs a Gudden!
Specialist Innasoonkey.
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