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Citizens of Lihr
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Lihr » History » Visions

You are asleep, and you know you are dreaming.

You are standing on one of the platforms in the centre of the City as it once was. The platforms are all in good condition, and magical flames of all colours drift and dance between the branches. The canopy is far sparser than you are used to ? golden shafts of warm sunlight lance down even to the forest floor, and all the Trees seem much lighter and more open. The sounds of music and laughter fill the air.

Suddenly, the branches of the trees above you wave in an unfelt wind, and there is a rushing sound, steadily gaining in volume until you are almost overwhelmed by the noise. You are reminded of the storm, but where you stand it is perfectly still. The sky above is the colour of beaten steel.

The noise stops, as does the motion of the tree branches above. In the silence, you hear a single voice from across the lake, screaming in agony. The screaming continues until you can bear it no longer, but you are powerless to act.

Then the trees all suddenly bend, as if they have been struck by a sudden gust of wind. All around, there is a crowd of elves moving swiftly and with purpose. They have long hair, and many have tattoos across their faces. Even though they are obviously desperate they move with the grace of dancers, gathering a few things from the platforms before descending long lines to the forest floor and then disappearing into the gathering darkness.

You become aware of a figure watching you from beside the trunk of the great tree you are standing in. It is androgynous, and very tall, slender and with skin that is of the same colour and texture as the tree's bark. Its hair is a tangled mass, overgrown and verminous, and its great, dark eyes regard you impassively.

A shadow falls over you, and you feel sick. You wake up before it can get you.
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