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Citizens of Lihr
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Lihr » History » At the Edge of Doc Lake

A sudden northerly breeze blows across the lake sending a bone chilling cold through those who are near.

The lightly overcast sky quietly rumbles with apparent distant thunder, though storm clouds do not grace the skys. The rumbling gradually increases in depth and instead of fading takes on an intermittent almost muffled roaring quality. The sound still no louder than a leaves rustling in the wind fades and spurts as if great events are happening far away.

A cloud forms acros the lake and huge gorey rain drops start to fall, deep scarlet in colour. A tang of metal and the earthy smell of wood is carried by the breeze, setting teeth on edge and eyes watering.

The bloody drops fall with abandon but fade before they strike the glassy calm of the lake, and already the cloud and rumbling fades as if a memory, leaving only a momentary sadness.
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