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Citizens of Lihr
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Lihr » History » Arriving on Doc Lake Island

Wailing and deep soul-wrenching sorrow brings tears to your eyes?and your vision clouds...

You are standing on the island on a glorious summers day, but the scene before you is not of beauty but of the starkness of terror! Proud Elven warriors, druids and strangely garbed clerics chant, their attention focused on a huge, black, seething cloud surrounding some great creature. The cloud momentarily parts and an immense figure standing on the edge of the lake is visible within it, weeping, running sores covering its hideous body. You realise that the cloud is alive, a mass of creeping, crawling, flying insects and some indescribable horrors. The figure stops, towering over the trees far from you and reaches down... Trees scream!!!!

The living cloud settles for a moment, then springs into the air again.

A comforting presence behind you has you glancing joyfully around and she who is your goddess steps over your heads, forward, standing magnificent and free on the surface of the lake. Power ripples through her bark-like skin and her mighty staff buzzes as it whirls in her hands.

The immense monstrosity that faces her looks up and rushes toward her in greeting, a mighty blood-red flail, balls fully 50-feet across swinging over its misshapen head...

You suddenly open your eyes to see all of your comrades on their knees slowly coming to their senses. If anything the forest seems gloomier as if time has passed.
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