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Citizens of Lihr
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Lihr » History » Stepping into the Druids Grove

...standing in the circle on a glorious summers day, but the scene before you is not of beauty but of the starkness of terror! As you stand in the centre of the stones amongst the aged and the children, you see surrounding you proud elven warriors and spellcasters, their attention focused on a point initially blocked from your vision. Suddenly it is revealed, towering far above you. A huge, black, seething cloud seems to be surrounding some great creature. The cloud momentarily parts and an immense figure is visible within it, weeping, running sores covering its hideous body. You realise that the cloud is alive, a mass of creeping, crawling, flying insects and some indescribable horrors. The figure stops, towering over the trees far from you and reaches down. Humanoid figures tumble from its open hands, and where before they had been breathing creatures of love and vitality, they are now skeletal stripped of flesh and life.

The living cloud settles for a moment, then springs into the air again. Its unstoppable advance towards you turns your bowels to jelly, and you realise that you are seeing the death of your kin, those who are to become the Forsaken.

Within seconds the mass is upon you, and you scream, burying your face in your arms waiting to feel the final bite and sting of the surrounding vermin?but the pain does not come.

Around you skeletons crumble to the floor and then the scene melts away...
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