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Citizens of Lihr
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Lihr » Personalities of Lihr » Moya Rasine - Priestess of Lihr

Moya RasineMoya was the proprietor of the Spire Tavern in Silverlode, a known hangout for the adventuring community.

Tragedies in her past seem to have left emotional scars upon her and when the refugees arrived at the tree city she became the, at first, unwilling conduit for the goddess Lihr.

Often shadowed by the formidable monk, Jorod Whane, she is often found swimming naturally down at Doc Lake, and as the only Cleric of Lihr has access to the island and the ghost cleric upon it.

Moya's long raven black hair, steel blue eyes, and cheerful outgoing nature served her well in her obvious bardic training, but some people still tend to tread warily around her still unsure of her unpredictable nature.

Respected by the people she was an obvious choice for city councillor.
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