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Citizens of Lihr
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Lihr » History » Recent History

The modern history of Lihr begins with the story of Silverlode, a young city north of the city if Mithril. Just as the city was coming into it's own with trade beginning to flow and new inhabitants helping to swell and grow the city, tragedy struck. Vangals' hordes, sweeping in off the plains, attacked the city en mass. Backed up by strange creatures never before seen near the city Vangals Hordes crashed wave upon wave aginst the knights and army that stood in defense.

At first the defenders stood firm, driving back the attackers. Sensing victory, the defenders of Silverlode pressed the advantage, tyring to weaken the barbarians that had threatened their homeland. The retreat by Vangal's army however was a ruse. The army that left Silverlode to secure it's future never returned. Many speculate as to what exactly happened, but the result was the even greater horde that came sweeping down in a second wave over the city.

The remaining citizens, knowing that victory was impossible, did the only thing they could and boarded those ships still in the harbour. The citizens of Silverlode could only watch as their city went up in flames.

Many acts are still remembered from the battle that raged that day, the rescue of the orphans, the Holding of the Tower, the defense of the temples...

All was in vain however as Silverlode fell and the citizens set sail for Mithril and safety. Or so they thought...

As the refugees watched their homes burn, the deeds of ownership no longer worth the paper they were written on, the citizens sailed toward Mithril and safety.

The Jessica, The Sea Queen, The Mermaid, The Merryman were four of the ships that headed across the ocean with the huddled masses on board. It was during this already rough journey that further tragedy struck. A Storm, the likes of which the ships captains to this day say were the worst they had ever seen, viciously attacked and buffeted the overcrowded ships.

Hero's arose on those boats that day as people never versed in the ways of the sea stepped forward to assist wherever they could, keeping many from injury and death. Many of those brave heros were also the ones that stepped forward to defend the ships as aquatic creatures attacked trying to sow chaos amoung the already frightened peoples on board.

Many speculated at the time that Vangal had not finished his pusuit of the defeated Silverlodians. The maniacal laughter that carried across the breeze has since made many change their minds, now believing Enkili to be the source of the Tsunami's that threw the ships around like feathers in the wind.

The storm that Enkili sent took the bedraggled refugees deep into the Blood Sea. Blowing the ships off course the vessels were eventually thrown onto a large shallow reef where hulls were smashed and bows torn.

The humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and orc-bloods that still remained jumped off the now sinking ships and headed toward the lands that had appeared. Once upon the beach, tired from exhaustion and the days of travel, sunk to the warm wet beach and fell into a slumber.

When the morning sun woke the shipwrecked people, life did not get easier. Creatures from the blood Sea that lapped at their feet attacked the weak and injured. Giant crabs hungry and strong dragged many into the sea, the numbers only limited by the actions of those on the beach strong enough to fight back.

People fled to the higher ground and safety where the crabs seemed not to venture. Here they set up the first camp and rested for what seemed and was the first time in days.

From here the re-grouping began...
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