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Citizens of Lihr
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Lihr » Citizens of Lihr » Raven

RavenA wood elf of some 110-ish years arrived via the caves and who now resides at the Druid's Grove.

His emerald green eyes are his most noticeable feature, yet his shoulder length blonde hair when not tied back, which isn't very often, go along way to frame his typical handsome elven features.

A hunter and trapper by trade, he recently joined the Lihr scouts, in order to do his part in protecting and providing for the various communities. This means he's rarely in the tree city spending what free time he has in the Grove.

To those who met him when he first arrived, his rather reckless streak has diminished and a more mature, logical attitude has emerged.

This may well put this down to the fact that he is the father of a son called Calen, or possibly the calming effect his wife and partner, Linia Eniaust, is having on him.

Raven tends not to mix with many people, preferring the company of either one or just a few people at a time. Those he does meet, he comes across as being polite and courteous, if not a little flirtatious, but if anyone would study his eyes at these times, they would see that this is a purely innocent trait. To the practised eye, there may be a hint of courtly manners about him, so possibly his past hides a person of noble lineage.
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