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Citizens of Lihr
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Lihr » History » Collected memories; The death of a goddess...

Before he came to Termana, and battled with the elves and their God there, the Titan Chern first went to the island of the Goddess Lihr, to try out his way of doing battle against Her and Her people.

When she became aware of his coming, the Goddess gathered her people together on the Isle of the Dead at the centre of Her realm, for this was the place most sacred to Her, where She would have the best chance to protect them. And all who worshipped Her gathered there under the spreading branches of the First Tree, except the Tree Wardens, who could not abandon their charges, but who rather retreated to the topmost branches of their partners to await the storm. And a few there were among Her people who did not worship Her solely. These were mostly the smiths and other craftsmen who dwelt in the Caves of the Waterfall, for they found Her of little help in their craft, and had long ago turned to the Titan Golthagga to aid them. So, while the majority of the people waited with their Goddess, these few hoped to defend the Caves and so avoid the fight: but their hope was in vain.

When the Titan came, he strode from the East, and wherever he trod the woods were turned to darkness and corruption. Of the sacred places of Lihr, the first he came to was the Circle of the Bees Orchard, and he slew the guardians of that place without breaking stride. Then he came to the City, and as he spread his arms wide, his shadow touched the Trees of the Three Groves, and the Tree Wardens were slain in that instant. When this happened, the Goddess let out a great cry that can still be heard echoing in the waters of the Great Waterfall, and caused a rain to fall, hoping to wash away the corruption of the Titan. But he laughed in her face, and the pure waters that washed over him were tainted by the touch, and sank into the earth at the roots of Her own Trees. So the Goddess stopped the rain, and took up her staff that was a living tree itself, and prepared to meet the Titan in combat.

When they saw this, the elves of her people took up their arms too, and raised their bows, and it was as if the branches of the First Tree shed pollen on the breeze, such was the number of the arrows they shot at their foe. But he paid them no regard. And then the Titan Chern raised a flail of adamantite, that Golthagga had forged, and struck at the Goddess. Three times he smote, and twice She withstood his blows, catching them upon Her staff which bent like a willow in the wind. But on the third strike, the great chain of the flail wrapped around the haft of Her staff, and they fought for possession of the two weapons. The struggle was brief, but the Goddess had the advantage, for she turned the Titan?s own might against him, and he was thrown upon the mountain, breaking it in his fall. The Goddess? staff was broken into a million pieces by the struggle, but the Titan?s flail too was destroyed, as the great chain shattered and the ball flew away.

Chern the Titan was greatly enraged by this turn of events, and no longer amused by the Godling who thought to oppose him. He gathered himself once again to his full height, and things fell from him into the swamp that had been created by his fall. He spoke a Word of Power, and at once the elves of the city started to fall, like leaves in the autumn ? not touched by weapon or spell, they died in their thousands, until all were gone. And when this happened, the Goddess herself suddenly stumbled, as She felt the sudden loss of all those who worshipped Her, and it was at this moment that the Titan struck.

It may be that her body fell into the lake, although this could not be seen, since a cloud of the Titan's vermin surrounded her as soon as she weakened. It is as likely that her mother Denev took her up, to mourn Her passing and keep Her from the Titan's corruption, but none can be sure.

And when she had fallen, the Titan took up the haft of his flail, and with it he hammered great iron nails into the wood of the First Tree, and its Spirit screamed as it died. And then he passed into the west.
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