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Citizens of Lihr
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The twin cities of Lihr and Silverlode stand once more upon the cusp of an unknown future...

More than ten years ago, the frontier city of Silverlode was overrun by barbarian hordes sweeping in from the plains, pillaging and destroying everything in their path. Forced to flee over the sea, battered, bereaved and bereft, those who escaped were thrown at a god's whim upon an unknown shore. They came upon an ancient abandoned elven tree city named for its goddess Lihr; through tenacity and hard work they moulded a new home there.

Over time the survivors were joined by others, guided there by the design or the whim of the gods. They made allies and enemies, with the lines between often blurred and shifting. The trees regained their sentience; five powerful vampires threatened, but the Lihrians prevailed.

Then, four years after the sack of Silverlode, a magical portal was opened back to that city. What was left of the place was home to all manner of creatures, that eventually were driven out, not without great cost. Buildings were rebuilt; trade routes across the plains re-established. But this peace could not last indefinitely.

A prophecy, and the ascension of a creature older than the gods, even the titans, was to come to pass - with the brave citizens of the twin cities unwittingly participating in its fulfilment. The earth itself was ripped apart, with mountains crashing into the sea, and the land riven utterly. And in the midst of this certain doom, an offer of safety, from a man known variously as Marafaun, or the Vivomancer - the cities' only hope, but also their sometime enemy.

The cities of Lihr and Silverlode, as well as the Druid's grove are still in shock. The bubbles raised by Marafaun to protect them in their time of need have gone, revealing a brand new world all ready to explore; and still no-one has seen Marafaun though new divine beings have made their presence known.

What happens next? Only time will tell...

Bear Bridge

Join this dynamic independent campaign, where what you the player does directly influences the world around you.
The team are committed to bringing you the best role-playing experience possible.
Every scenario on every table is played on that one table and never repeated, ensuring that your experience is individual and unique.
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